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Podcasting and videocasting juin 1, 2006

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The concept of podcasting (combination of iPod and broadcasting) was proposed in 2000. Podcasting is a method of distributing multimedia files, such as audio programs or music videos, over the Internet using either the RSS or Atom syndication formats. A podcast can be downloaded automatically and it does not require an iPod to be listened to: some say that more people listen to podcasts on personal computers than on portable devices. Videocasting is becoming increasingly popular, with video functionalities on the new iPod or on the portable Sony playstations.

Podcasting started gaining popularity in September 2004, and in June 2005 it was definitely recognized as Apple adding podcasting capabilities to its iTunes music software. In the first 2 days after Apple’s launch of podcast on iTunes, customers subscribed to more than one million podcasts and some podcasts now have very large audience: as of February 2006 The Ricky Gervais Show had an average of over a quarter of a million downloads per weekly episode. Market research forecasts that by 2010 about 50 million people will have downloaded a podcast at least once, 15 million will download podcasts on a regular basis.

Business and marketing people quickly saw the interest of podcasts: in an environment where information overload becomes the norm, podcasts provide an effective way to get a message across to prospective buyers. Indeed podcasts usually address a niche and are listened to almost exclusively by interested individuals. Furthermore they can be easily tracked. Several companies provide technical solutions for advertising on existing podcasts, such as Fruitcast, CastFire, or Podtrac. They connect content producers (podcast or videocast) with advertisers that can buy “airtime” according to relevant criteria.

Other models than buying "airtime" on popular and thematic podcasts exist: several large corporations (VW, Cadillac, Nike, Honda, Sony PSP) have already launched their own videocasting campaigns, Kraft offers over 100 audio recipes to download, Whirlpool sponsors a podcast called Family Life that covers topics such as premature birth, setting limits for teenagers, long-distance grandparents, and so on. Gemey-Maybelline (L’Oréal) gives beauty and make-up tips via audio and video podcasts.

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